You Can Watch BBC Planet Earth II in 4K

According to some users of BBC iPlayer app, BBC Planet Earth II can now be watched in 4K via BBC’s iPlayer app. After BBC Planet Earth II started streaming its episodes, a lot of users complained about how the new season should have supported 4K resolution.

The iPlayer app doesn’t have an actual episode of the show in 4K. Currently, it shows a 4-minute long high-dynamic range clip in 4K resolution and it looks gorgeous. However, the technology that BBC is using to show BBC Planet Earth II is somewhat different than what other platforms are using. BBC uses HLG or hybrid-log gamma method to display content in 4K while the majority of other platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Netflix etc. uses the more popular HDR10 method.

If you think that the show is up-scaled from 1080p to support 4K, then you are wrong. The entire BBC Planet Earth II was shot in 4K but is only being shown in 1080p currently. Users who want to see the small 4K clip of the show can do so by using a 4K supported TV and opening the BBC iPlayer app. Currently, only Panasonic latest 4K TVs support HLG technology however other manufacturers are saying that their current line of 4K TVs will soon support the same technology after a firmware update that will be rolled out soon.