Xiaomi’s New Mi TV 4 is Thinner Than an iPhone

Xiaomi unveiled it’s new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 at the CES, 2017 which is thinner than an iPhone. According to Xiaomi VP, the new Mi TV 4 is the company’s thinnest TV to date. Xiaomi Mi TV 4 features a frameless design and is just 4.99 mm thick. Compared to iPhone 7, it’s 30% thinner than the Apple’s latest smartphone.

The new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 comes with the new Xiaomi Mi TV Bar. With this Bar, users can integrate 10 wired speakers, 2 wireless satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The new Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is available in 3 sizes – 49, 55 and 65 inches. It’s not the thinnest TV in the market. LG and Sony has announced their new TVs that are even thinner than Xiaomi Mi TV 4.

The Mi TV Bar plays a key role in the overall design aesthetics of the TV. Since the actual TV doesn’t have speakers, Xiaomi was able to trim down the overall width of the TV. Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is priced at approximately $2000 and will start shipping in China by the end of this year.