Xiaomi new 4K Mi-Box costs $69

Days when we used to dream of streaming 4K content are behind us as the media is moving towards streaming 4K content. It looks like Google also wants to be a part of it, because according to the rumors Google is going to announce their new Chromecast this year known as Chromecast Ultra which will have support for 4K streaming.

Google is rumored to launch their new Chromecast Ultra at the upcoming Google event to be held on 4th of October while the price of the device itself is rumored to be around $69 which is the lowest among the competition except for Xiaomi. With its upcoming Mi Box which is also an Android powered 4K streaming device to be sold for around $69.

Just like the existing Chromecast devices, users would be able to streaming content directly from their smartphones but this time it would be 4K content. It’s about time the users of Chromecast Ultra take advantage of their investment on their 4K TV’s. Some images were also leaked of the new Chromecast Ultra showing no design changes as the device still retains its disk shape design with an HDMI cable attached to it.

At a price of just $69 for the new Chromecast Ultra, Google is going to beat Roku Stick and Fire TV Stick that are already available in the market for 4K streaming. Looks like Xiaomi is going to be the only competitor for Google this time around as the company is also launching their Xiaomi Mi Box set top box. Which is the main difference between the two and in the end it depends on the preference of the user. Whether they prefer a thumb drive like the Google Chromecast or a set top box. Let’s see what Google really has to offer on 4th of October.