Watch the Masters Tournament Live with a 4K resolution

The biggest golf tournament in the world, the Masters Tournament, will be broadcasted in 4K this year in 2016. This is the first time that any golf tournament is being streamed at 4K. Users in USa can watch the Masters Tournament in 4K.

The 4K feed of the tournament will be sponspored by AT&T and DirectTV whereas the production is being carried out by CBS. According to the sources, upto 13 4K cameras by Sony equipped with Fuji and Canon glass will be used throughout the tournament to capture all the action in 4K.

Golf 4K

In order to watch the Masters Tournament in 4K, you will have to own an AT&T DirecTV’s Genie HD DVR HR54 set-top box which costs about $300. You will also need a DirecTV Ultimate or Premium subscription package which costs $40/month and $90/month respectively. Besides that, before subscribing to this service, you should also own a 4K TV with DirecTV support.

However, if you have any non-supported TV, you can still make it work if your TV supports HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2. If your TV does not support these two featuers, prepare to spend another $100 on 4K Genie Mini box provided by DirecTV.

With the golf tournament adding to the numbers of already supported 4K content, it seems like 4K is entering the mainstream market where Amazon, Netflix, Vudu and YouTube etc. are already providing Ultra HD video support and where people can watch their favorite shows and videos in 4K resolution. Amazon Fire TV and Roku are among few of the companies which are also offering 4K supported set-top boxes.