Vizio Rolled Out New Affordable 4K TVs

With the prices of Sony and Samsung 4K TVs, you might be thinking to save for another 2 years or so to get yourself your very own 4K HDR-Ready TV. Well guess what? You can now buy a 4K HDR TV for as low as $550, all thanks to VIZIO that announced a bunch of new 4K HDR TV models in its E-Series.

The cheapest model is the VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 32-inch Full-Array LED Smart TV that costs $210. If you are looking for a cheap 4K TV, The 43-inch Ultra HD Home Theater Display is the one for you and costs just $400. However, if you are looking for a 4K HDR-Ready TV that won’t break the bank, then VIZIO SmartCast E-Series 55-inch Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display is the optimal choice for you. In just $550, you get a fully optional 4K HDR TV. If you are looking for bigger screen size, VIZIO has up to 80-inch large 4K HDR TVs that costs up to $3,400.

All VIZIO E-Series TVs support Chromecast which means you can connect almost any device with it that supports this feature. If you are on a budget and want to experience 4K HDR in all its glory, buying VIZIO 4K HDR-Ready TV is the perfect choice for you.