‘Ultra’ – 4K Streaming by Sony

Sony is going to enter the 4K streaming market by launchings its very own 4K movie streaming service called ‘Ultra’ next month. The new 4K movie streaming service will be available for puchase starting from April 4, 2016 and will be available on supported Sony 4K TVs only.

Sony 4K Ultra streaming

This is not the first time that we are hearing about the Sony 4K video streaming service. Last year at the CES in Las Vegas, Sony first introduced the world about its ‘Ultra’ 4K streaming service and announced that it will be available to consumers during Q2 of 2016. Sony also said that one of the unique features of its 4K movie streaming service is that along with the actual movie, they will also provide the movie extras in 4K. Previous, such extras related to movies were only available on physical discs. Sony Pictures Entertainment Vice Present Jake Winett said during a press event in SF,

“We wanted to give consumers a streaming option that showcased the best 4K content that we can offer with the ease of a streaming service,”

“The Night Before”, “The Walk”, “Concussion,” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” are few of the movies that will be available in the ‘Ultra’ 4k streaming service at the time of launch. Sony also said that thes movies and others will be priced at $30. Sony also said that there is currently no rental service or VoD feature introduced in the new service. When asked why there won’t be any movie rental service from the, Jake Winett said that it’s a commercial decision that the company took however he also said that such feature can be introduced in feature if there’s a popular demand for it.