UHD 4K Movies Pack on buying a Samsung 4K Smart TV

You can get a free UHD 4K Movies Pack on buying a 4K ‘Ultra HD’ TV. The UHD 4K movies are being offered on a 1TB external hard drive that connects with TV through USB to run local 4K material. There are 5 UHD 4K Movies pre-loaded and few documentaries.

Keep in mind that the 2013 UHD TVs (S9,F9000) require the 2014 UHD Evolution kit to play the UHD video pack. Following are the 5 UHD 4K movies:

  • Night at The Museum
  • The Counselor
  • X-Men Orgins: Wolverine
  • I. Joe: Retaliation
  • World War Z

The three UHD documentaries are:

  • The Last Reef
  • Grand Canyon Adventure
  • Cappadocia

However, it is still quite unsure to put precise cost on the worth of these 4K Movies, but thinking about Sony’s 4K titles begin at almost $29, one can estimate the cost of the movie pack at around $140.

The bad news is that this deal has been ended on September 5, which means that those who have bought the Samsung 4K TV before September 5 are eligible to register the claim within next month. Samsung 50-inch HU8550 is the most affordable TV set that qualifies for the UHD Movie Pack.