Top HD/UHD 4K TV Competition: Samsung vs. Sony vs. LG

4K TV Competition

© Value Electronics

A famous TV dealer Value Electronics is said to be carrying out its 10th yearly TV Shootout on Aug 16th and 17th in New York. All the competing TV sets are modified for utmost efficiency before the event. The team is said to be well-equipped and it is directed by experienced ISF TV calibrator Kevin Miller. Viewers will be provided with presentations from makers and well-known specialists of the TV industry. They will then be offered a number of trial models and media content so that they may vote for the most outstanding HD/UHD 4K TV as per their analysis.

Following flagship models from leading manufacturers will set stage for UHD 4K TV Competition:


  • UN105S9 curved 105-inch TV. It is the most luxurious TV in the contest.
  • UN78HU9000 curved 78-inch LCD
  • UN85HU8550 flat 85-inch LED LCD


  • XBR85X950B flat 85-inch LED LCD
  • XBR79X900B flat 79-inch LED LCD

Contending HDTV sets are:


  • PN64F8500 flat plasma TV
  • KN55S9 curved OLED TV


  • 55EC9300 curved OLED

In addition, a Vizio M652i-B2 flat back-lit LED LCD HDTV will most likely be present, but it is said to be not voted, because it did not meet the selection criteria in order to be included in the 4K TV Competition.

  • Bilalaslam

    it seems really a big competition with world’s renowned flagship TV companies like LG, Samsung and Sony. I personally think that LG’s TV are better than other TVs that are included in this competition.