The Year’s Best 4K TVs Available in the Market

There are a large number of 4K TV options to choose from. However, following are some of the best 4K TVs available in market these days.

PANASONIC AX800: It’s a very attractive model that suits for both TV stands and entertainment centers. Display is equally remarkable and offers rich textures, refined lighting, precise colors and consistent screen standardization. It costs around $2,300.

SAMSUNG U9000: It has most impressive curved screen, with equally amazing picture quality. It’s worth mentioning that it also comes with a better Smart Hub experience. However, it is quite costly as compared to other Samsung 4K TV sets. It costs around $3,297.

SAMSUNG U8550: This is another best 4K TV by Samsung that comes with trim bezels and a quite narrow panel giving it a most advanced feel. The picture quality is also compelling with outstanding 4K Sound+Vision and smooth precision. It also offers streaming content and web-browsing features. It costs only $1,597 that is much lower than other models.

SONY X900B: It is very unique from above sets. It includes big set of front-facing speakers delivering a vibrant, and more detailed sound quality. In addition, it features most amazing picture quality as compared to any other 4K TV available in market. Another interesting aspect is that it supports Netflix.

  • Bilalaslam

    these are really great choices. But comparatively, Samsung U9000 and U8550 really turn out to be the real winner with its impressive design and beautiful features. its just my opinion.