Sony launches new 75-inch X91C 4K UHD TV

Sony X91C

Sony showcased its new 75-inch 4K UHD TV at the IFA technology show in Berlin yesterday. The new 4K TV model is just 15mm thick and includes the new HDR technology from Sony.

It’s been a while since consumers stop focusing on the thickness of TVs as majority of them were more concerned about the quality of the display screen than how thick the TV is. But, it seems like Sony still cares how much slim your TV is. The new X91C 4K UHD TV has a 75-inch display with a mere 15mm thickness. The new model will also support HDR technology that Sony promised to introduce in its upcoming TV models and also on previous models via a software update.

Besides that, the new X91C supports native 4K resolution and features Sony’s latest X1 processor. The X1 processor intelligently handles both the 4K and up scaled HD content and produces quality picture on the screen. The TV also has the wide color gamut Triluminos technology.

Sony currently has two 75-inch 4K TV models, the X940C and X91C with latter being slimmer than the former.

the new X91C model will go on sale after 2nd week of September. There are no pricing details revealed for the new model but Sony has assured that more details about its new 4K UHD TV will be released soon.