Sony gives out more details about the new Z9D 4k TV

There are a lot of 4k TV’s in the market now. Though every 4k screen that you have noticed does not play real 4k content on it. Even the videos on streaming websites like YouTube can’t display real 4k content. What’s special about Sony’s new Flagship Android TV is that it can produce real 4k content. Sony just announced their new Android TV named Sony Z9D. Sony Z9D according to Sony is equipped with a processor that is 40 percent faster than their previous generation processors. What Sony Z9D can do is tweak videos intelligently by adjusting both the contrast and color of the video according to the original 4k content.

Sony ZD9


Sony Z9D will be available in the market starting spring with a price tag of US 7000 and will come in two sizes including a 65inch screen and a 100inch screen. For people who are going to go for the 100inch model with be getting both a tabletop stand as well as a floor stand. While people with the 65inch model will only be getting a tabletop stand.

Sony Z9D is equipped with an X1 Extreme processor. Because of the powerful processor present in the new flagship TV from Sony. The Smart TV is now equipped with a Backlight Master Drive. What Backlight Master Drive can do is that it can correctly light up objects that need to be lighten up and dim up objects that don’t require light. This allows the TV to show perfect contrast colors with perfect dynamic range when running a video.

Sony Z9D is also a Smart TV and uses Android interface, which is a better option than using an external source like Chromecast. Previous Sony named their Flagship TV’s with an X while the new flagship TV is labelled with a Z. Meaning Sony is offering something better than their previous versions of flagship TV’s and that is what the Sony Z9D offers, true 4k videos.