Sony Announced 4K 75 inch Ultra Thin TV


75 inch ultra thin tv

© Sony

Flagship Sony 4K 75 inch ultra thin TV is more of a screen innovation than a modern flat screen. Most of the living spaces fall short for this enormous screen, which not only includes Android but also supports Playstation.

Along with super slim design, the new Sony 75-incher features advanced upscaling technology to improve high-definition tv shows and films at Ultra high-definition. In addition, It includes many HDTV tools, a touchpad remote control, voice search, and lots of smart TV customizable specs. There is also in-built Google Cast function allowing you to cast your desired applications from you Smartphone/PC to television.

Another most interesting aspect is that it doesn’t come with any bezel. The display goes exactly to the edges, offering somewhat minimalistic experience that functions particularly fine if screen is mounted again on proper big wall. Moreover, it offers easy access to a wide variety of applications, games, as well as media files via Play Store.

Certainly, the main question is: Is it worth buying at this time? It does provide an amazing uptick display quality from more conventional 1080p, but until now the sources that provide 4K stream are quite low. Netflix is planning to provide 4K all over the place.