Smart 4K TV will be a unique niche until next 5 Years


As per a research report conducted by TDG, Smart 4K TV will most likely turn out to be a permanent niche product for minimum another 5 years, with extensive performance of 4K content expected to increase rapidly from 2019 onwards.

As said by Joel Espelien, who is an author of Estimating the 4K Video Ecosystem 2014-2025, 4K media content will surely be determined by user procurement of Smart 4K TVs that have Ultra HD technology. However, genuine performance of 4K will more probably be obstructed by bad user understanding, high costs, and deficiency of 4K media content.

As per the research analysis, joined set-top boxes and Blu-ray players are expected to separately make up just about 1/5th of overall 4K video screening in 2017, with consumption increased by support from the several giant industries like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others.

According to Espelien, there are better chances of set-tops to go beyond Smart 4K TVs to turn out to be the unique most-important stage that will be used to see 4K video besides legacy pay-TV operator set-tops.

So, it’s pretty much clear that 4K content will remain a popular niche for several years in the future.

  • Bilalaslam

    Yes, it is a well-distinguished fact. it seems that 4K TV will soon dominate the smart TV market around the world and will set a new trend in the field of technology.