Samsung’s Ultra HD Curved 4K TV is Impressive but Expensive

Earlier this year at international Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung proudly displayed a 105-inch curved 4K TV, but didn’t tell the exact cost. Most of the people were not all that interested in knowing the cost anyway—something this huge, posh and harebrained was always tend to be very costly. However, Samsung presented the final damage almost a week ago, and it is equivalent to either buying a TV or putting a down sum on a house.

The unnecessarily huge sized TV can only be afforded by the one of the richest people in the world, as the cost is very high almost at $120,000.00. Perhaps if a person has no bills to pay, similar compulsions and doesn’t eat anything for a couple of years, he can somehow have enough money to buy it. But why would someone buy it? It’s undoubtedly a very remarkable curved 4K TV, but buying it is also so damned worthless or nonsensical. Anyone can choose any other big enough Samsung 4k TV from any local store at reasonable cost. It seems ridiculous that someone, who can hardly make both ends meet, would squander money on something so luxurious.

Samsung is not newbie to such sort of 4k TV lavishness; it practically spends the total of CES flaunting around huge sized 4k TVs that only few people can buy. However, if you desire to go into enormous debt, Samsung can help you with its latest ultra HD 4k TV model that itself includes a curved design, and can be fixed on the wall if that’s what you want.

Besides the TV itself, purchasers can also get a “Samsung Elite Service” that provides a great customer service experience sitting at comfort of home. It seems that this would involve a Samsung worker stepping in your TV lounge and grinning at you after realizing how much money has been spent on a TV.