Samsung ‘The Frame’ Concept LED TV Unveiled in Paris

Designer Yves Behar unveiled a new Samsung concept LED TV, The Frame, that looks like a picture on the wall when not in use. According to the designer, the new Frame TV is designed in such a way that it can be used as a picture frame on the wall, thanks to its wooden frame (available in oak, walnut and other wood pieces) and these frames were selected after he visited true artisans and had their say in selecting which frame would be best for the said purpose.

Surprisingly, the Samsung logo is placed on the edge of the LED TV. You might be thinking that even the slimmest of TVs cannot sit perfectly on the wall to look like a picture frame. Well, Samsung ‘The Frame’ LED TV has a very thin wall mount. The TV itself has a very compact since the TV doesn’t include an HDMI or any sorts of connectors. The only two connectors on the TV are the think power cable and a bespoke connector.

The bespoke connector helps TV connect to an external box that houses the regular cable connections. At this point, you might feel like Samsung sacrificed features to focus on looks. Well, it’s not like that. The Frame concept LED TV has all the features of a standard Samsung UHD screen. Instead of turning off the TV, put it in standby mode and it will turn into a piece of art. A light sensor is there that reduces the brightness of the LED while it is on standby so the screensaver/picture looks like a regular artwork.

Currently, the Frame TV comes will 100+ pictures to choose from including landscape drawings, street art, architecture, photography, nature and more. Samsung hasn’t announced any release date yet but it is expected that they will be out within few months.