Samsung And Amazon Unveiled HDR10+ Standard

Samsung and have unveiled a new standard for high dynamic range video, the HDR10+, which is an improvement over the existing HDR10 open standard. The new HDR10+ is developed keeping in mind to provide enhanced color, contrast and brightness settings that is currently found in the Dolby Vision HDR format.

If you are thinking why Samsung and partnered in this, there is a solid reason for it. You see Amazon creates and streams 4K HDR video content a lot while Samsung is currently the highest rated TV manufacturer with HDR10 standards. It makes total sense that these two tech giants joined hands to create something that would challenge the likes of Dolby Vision HDR format.

According to Samsung, the new HDR10+ standard will be integrated into the new 2017 4K HDR TV models while the 2016 4K HDR TV models will receive the new HDR10+ standard via a firmware update. However, customers who own a 2015 Samsung 4K HDR TV won’t be able to receive the new HDR10+ standard.