Quantum Dots 4K TVs: Should you get one?


Quantum Dots 4K TV


These days, the advanced HD TV has been occupied by high-quality, costly OLED sets. Complete best products are extremely expensive, but what if they could be accessible for quite low prices.

Quantum Dots 4K TVs are capable of delivering realistic color for lower price than OLEDs. They are semiconductor nano crystals, that can’t be seen with the naked eye. They offer better feature among color shades. In addition, they need less energy than high-end OLEDs.

QD Vision has already introduced a 55-inch 4K TV in China that costs around $2,000. The standard remains: quantum dots are best economical demand these days.

It is reported that TCL hasn’t delivered its products to Western countries so far, but seeing the excess of Chinese producers that took part in CES 2015, don’t exclude a Western approach someday.

So quantum dots 4k TVs seem ideal – but there’s some apprehension that they are unable to deal with motion blur and content refresh rates the way OLEDs can. The manufacturers remain positive, nevertheless that quantum dots are being considered resourceful technology of the future, as they are more energy-efficient, better functional and cheaper. Quantum dots will most likely be ubiquitous in future.