PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t seem to the perfect upgrade to PlayStation 4

PS4 Pro will soon be available in the market and we are sure a lot of PS4 fans are anxiously waiting for the upgraded console. But what does the PS4 Pro offer that is different from the regular console? We didn’t know anything about the console in the past but now some details have been announced by the company to make it clear what PS4 Pro owners would be getting.

The new console from Sony is not a new generation of PlayStation, it’s rather an upgrade over the current PS4 to meet the needs of the new market that is more focused towards 4K and high end graphics. It’s been 3 years since the original PlayStation 4 came out and since then more and more demanding games have come out. Like previous consoles, today’s generation of consoles can’t keep up with the latest games unless developers tone down the graphics and overall user experience of their games which they are not ready to do.

PS4 Pro packs a more powerful hardware that includes a crossfire GPU set up means PS4 Pro has two of the identical GPU’s running together compared to the original PS4. Other than that the console is running the same eight core CPU present on the original PS4 but at a higher frequency and 8GB of DDR5 RAM with an addition of 1GB extra RAM for multitasking  on the PS4 Pro.

These upgraded specs will let PlayStation 4 Pro run games that would be up-scaled to 4k resolution. These include games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Horizon Zero Dawn, while games like Deus Ex and Watch Dogs would be played at 1080p but with all the settings maxed out. PS4 Pro will also be compatible with all the older games where it will have to only run a single GPU rather than running both its GPU’s in crossfire.