Phillips releases its first ever 4K TV with Quantum Dot technology

Phillips 4K Quantum Dot TVPhillips enters into the Quantum Dot technology by introducing Phillips 55PUF6850/T3 4K TV model. It is the first ever 4K TV from Phillips that uses the new Quantum Dot (QD) technology. The new 55 inch 4K TV uses the latest QD Vision Color IQ Optics to provide superior picture quality and great TV experience.

Quantum Dot (QD) technology is a very new technology in the television industry. It was introduced in order to improve the picture quality on the LED-backlit display TVs which is not as good as Plasma or an OLED TV screen. LED-backlit displays have a fundamental problem that they possess less range of colors due to which the colors on the screen are not as vivid as in the other two displays. This is due to the backlit system being used in the LED TVs that require blue light to pass through certain filters to turn white.

This is not the first product from Phillips that uses the Quantum Dot technology. Few weeks ago, Phillips announced a new high performance 27 inch LCD monitor that also uses the QD Vision Color IQ technology. The use of Color IQ technology means that Phillips 55PUF6850/T3 4K TV will be also be an energy efficient TV with great picture quality. Apart from that, the new TV also includes the company’s Amblight lighting modulation technology which automatically adjusts the screen lighting based on the content shown on the screen.

The new Phillips 55PUF6850/T3 4K TV is already available o but there are no pricing details revealed about the model.