Panasonic Presents 4K LCD TVs with Local Dimming

Publicly introduced at IFA in Berlin, the latest AX900 TV assures “most amazing picture quality” matching the technology for which Panasonic is recognized: plasma. In addition, a 85-inch 4K TV was also introduced.

The much anticipated model, the AX900 series, is expected to be available in 55- and 65-inch sizes in UK and Europe. However, the cost has not been revealed so far.

The 4K resolution of this latest model is expected to come with that charming dimming feature of a direct LED backlight. However, the company has made no mention of amount of dimming zones in its press release, but it did mention that the edge-lit AX800 have more than 30 zones.

Panasonic also boasts its latest model’s precise color at all brightness level, a more crystal clear LCD display, and a better surrounding light sensor. The company also publicized some other 4K TV models such as 85-inch TX-85X940 and the AX630 series. All come with edge-lit LED backlights; however, the X940 and AX900 not only include a local dimming but also present a DisplayPort connector, which is not found in any other 4K TV .

Panasonic also assures a wide range of image betterments to match its sure to be big cost tag.