Over-the-air 4K TV test run shows positive results

OTA 4K TV streaming

LG, in collaboration with GatesAir and Zenith, is testing over-the-air 4K TV broadcasting to see if the high bandwidth of 4K content can be streamed OTA. The test is expected to boost the ATSC 3.0 standard reputation which is considered to be an important standard in the future and will probably replace the current broadcasting standard once it proves its worth.

LG, GatesAir and Zenith are currently field-testing the new Futurecast system which has the capability to stream 4K video OTA on your TV in the near future. The technology used in the system includes high compression HEVC and other new technologies which makes it easier to send up to 1 4K and 2 mobile broadcasts signals into a single 6MHz spectrum.

This OTA streaming will eliminate the need to stream 4K content via web, satellites and set-top boxes connected to internet. All you have to do is get yourself a cable connection and start watching 4K TV stations and content like a regular SD and HD channels.

The technology is still in testing phase and it is not sure when it will be made practical. However, the results are positive and it’s a big step towards improving the quality of the standard TV broadcasts and adding 4K TV streaming right into it, which in turn justifies high spending on new 4K TV sets to see such quality content.