Next Gen Intel Atom processors will support 4K videos

Intel announced at the Intel Developer Forum this week that the next generation Intel Atom processor will support 4K decoding and encoding allowing manufacturers to use the Intel Atom processor in VR headsets.

The new Intel Atom chips, Atom T5500 and Atom T5700 have some very promising features that are usually found in a low-end processor however, instead of targeting the chips towards PC consumers, Intel said that these new chips are made to be used in robots, drones and smart devices etc.

Talking about the 4K feature in the new processors – both new Atom processors can now handle 4K videos due to the introduction of Gen 9 integrated graphics processor which is also found in the current 6th gen Skylake architecture. According to Intel, Atom T5500 and T5700 can support up to 3x 4K DisplayPort and HDMI display screens with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Intel Atom T5700

Intel Atom T5700

Intel Atom processors, as suggested by the name, are a low-cost, energy efficient processors created by Intel for mobile platform including tablets, smartphoens etc. But now, Intel is also targeting other emerging industries by introducing more powerful Atom processors that not only provide geart power saving but also provide great computing power.

The T5500 and T5700 are based on Intel’s latest Goldmont architecture. The current power rating of both chips are between 6-12 watts depending on the load. Intel’s latest processor architecture will also be used in future Celeron and Pentium processor chips as well.

The new Atom T5500 and T5700 are available through the Intel Joule developer board which is similar to Raspberry Pi 3 and is aimd at people who like to create devices themselves. The current configuration of Joule 570x includes a 1.7GHz Atom T5700 processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 16GB storage and Wi-Fi.