Netflix goes big on 4K, teases HDR

Netflix is by far the World’s most popular online streaming platform. Currently they offer thousands of movies and TV Series most of which are available in High Definition. Netflix also launched its first 4K streams in April 2014, but has been quite slow on the uptake; until now.

netflix 4k

Bearing good news for the growing hordes of content-challenged 4K TV owners, recent revelations by Netflix VP, Chris Jaffe show that the streaming giant is finally getting serious about becoming a 4K force to be reckoned with.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Jaffe declared that Netflix will be able to stream over 600 hours of 4K video by the end of 2016. This sudden increase in 4K video streams seems to be limited to TV Shows only (which might put off some Movie fans) since most Hollywood studios still seem reluctant about getting involved in 3rd party 4K streaming.

At the same time, though, many of the TV shows Netflix is now delivering in 4K are of a high quality. And having 600 hours of 4K content will most certainly lead to Netflix charging a higher subscription for access to its 4K content.

Aside from Netflix’s increased interest in 4K, Jaffe also revealed some technical insights on its new project; the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture format.

The new picture format aims to bring with it expanded brightness and color range. Commenting on the revelation, Jaffe said “[HDR] is less about packing more pixels on the screen like the move from HD to Ultra HD 4K was. It’s about extending the total range of those pixels. What that means is that you’re watching a much more photo realistic image that’s much more representative of the total range that your eye can see when you’re just looking round in real life.”

Even though he confirmed that the streaming giant’s first HDR shows will be Marco Polo Season 1 and Daredevil Season 2, he still didn’t have anything to say about exactly when the HDR streams would start; aside from a quite vague “later this year”.