Microsoft released the new Xbox One S with 4K support

Microsoft recently launched their new and improved console, the Xbox One S. The main difference between Xbox One S and the normal version is support for 4K resolution as well as 4K content. Xbox One S does support 4k now but it’s still not a console which can run games at 4K resolution and that is what the gaming trend is going towards.

Microsoft will be launching a new console in the year 2017 named project Scorpio which according to Microsoft will have the hardware to run games at 4K resolution.  As of now only PC hardware is the only capable system in the market that can run games at 4K 60 FPS, but that does not come cheap. As this kinds of PC system costs around $3000.

Consoles are cheap compared to PC’s and so will be the Project Scorpio 4K gaming console from Microsoft, but we are not sure how Microsoft is going to achieve 60 FPS on a console, which is what Project Scorpio claims.

Head of the Xbox console marketing named as Greenberg said that the new console is going to be equipped with the latest technology. Meaning that it’s going to be something different from what we see on a console today. He ended his conversation here as the company as of right now does not want to disclose anything about their upcoming console for now. Though people who still own Xbox One or One S will still be supported alongside the new console. The only difference being that Project Scorpio would be running games at 4K while the other two will be running games at 1080p.

The only competitor that Microsoft has is Sony right now, which is also planning to launch a new PlayStation console known as PS4 Neo which is also said to run games at 4K resolution.