False Advertisement: Majority of Games Only Upscaled to 4K for New PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony have been babbling about their upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro that was rumored to be called as the PS4 Neo and its gaming capabilities. Though it looks like PS4 Pro is not everything what we expected it to be when it comes to 4k gaming on a console.

Till now we have heard Sony saying that their new PlayStation 4 Pro would be able to play games at 4k resolution but the company has changed their statement now. According to Sony, most of the games that would be available on the PlayStation 4 Pro would be played through HD upscaling only. Though Sony does admit that it’s their fault for misleading the advertisement campaign for their upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro.

A misleading advertisement like that can make a lot of gamers unhappy. If we are not wrong most of the gamers were waiting for PlayStation 4 Pro because Xbox One S which is already present in the market already offers 4k upscaling. This move can be risky for Sony as there are competitors in the market that already provide 4k upscaling as well as PC’s that are able to play games at 4k 60FPS, though Sony also said that gamers would be able to play games at 4k 60FPS on their PS4 Pro which later changed to FHD 60 FPS.

This does not mean that Sony won’t be launching games that players would be able to play at native 4k resolution but most of them would be upscaled to 4k resolution from HD. If Sony fans weren’t already pissed about the removal of a Blue-Ray Disk, Sony just gave them another reason not to like their upcoming console known as the PS4 Pro.

Microsoft will be launching their next console soon known as the Project Scorpio which is also said to run games at 4k resolution at 60FPS. Maybe Sony is waiting to launch another console that will tackle Project Scorpio upon its launch, who knows.

  • Xaphan Vassago

    Your statement “doesn’t mean Sony won’t be launching games that are native 4K” PS4 pro can’t do 4K period. It can do 1400-1800p, that’s not 4K, more like 3k. If I have any say in it I’ll see to it that Sony is sued for false advertisement. In the process of contacting BBB to file a complaint.

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong

      Ah the miss informed…
      Ps4 Pro can do the following Sony stated.
      1. upscale games to 4K just like your TV would no but just better.
      2. With an update from developers who choose to can either a: Update their games to 4K. b: Update their game to use checker board rendering.
      3. Some games will even run at native 4K.
      Facts, period.

      Example of false advertising: MS AD for XB1s stated all games run at 4K, turned out that was not true, used upscale familiar to #1 in my list. MS pulled AD.

      • Xaphan Vassago

        You’ve been misinformed, Sony has straight up said the pro isn’t capable of running games natively at 4K fact! Xbox 1 s is only capable of 4K when playing videos. Scorpio is the only current gen console capable of running games 4K natively! Do your research before opening that cock sucker fucking noob ass bitch

        • Ucouldntbemorewrong

          Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
          You misinformed sad sack of dicks, talking about research you fucking Vagina bloodfart!

          Like I said: 3. SOME games will even run at native 4K.
          What a waste of space, jesus.

          • Xaphan Vassago

            Lmfao, all the 4K “games” you are talking about don’t even deserve to be called games, shitty indie looking games that are smart phone quality. Not a single fucking AAA game is 4K. So yet again, there are no native 4K games on the pro! The ps4 pro isn’t capable of running medium graphics games @ 4K 60fps, chipset is under clocked, most of the “4k” games are 1800p 60fps up converted, meanwhile Scorpio will be running AAA games natively 4K. Do your research before opening that uneducated cock sucker. Fucking moron!

          • Ucouldntbemorewrong

            Clearly not worth the breath…Clown.