LG UHD 4K TV UB850V Now Comes With Advanced Firmware


© LG

Latest smart TVs can be updated with the latest software either automatically or manually to resolve current bugs or add better features. In this regard, LG Electronics has come up with a latest beta firmware for its UHD 4K TV UB850V, which have now better picture quality aspects on the 49-inch model.

After this firmware update, all resolution issues have been resolved such as reinstating possibly the most interesting feature of 4K UHD TV that is full HD resolution from a passive 3D screen. Blur filter has also been modulated in 3D. In addition, LG UHD 4K TV UB850V shows less blooming owing to better backlight system.

OSD (on-screen display) menu has better sensitivity and provides more placid and enjoyable user experience. Netflix 4K streaming is now completely equipped. “User” settings now include a slider, but there is no upgrading in motion resolution further than the LCD baseline of 300, which is barely unexpected, as this TV has no functional motion blur diminution option.

It is quite cool to see a TV company responding to productive criticism in order to advance its offerings. In light of a number of developments introduced by the most recent firmware, the rating of the LG UHD 4K TV 49UB850V has been improved to “Qualified Recommendation” by several reliable analysts.

  • Bilalaslam

    I was expecting such update. I was told there were some problems in previous firmware, which was the reason I didn’t prefer to but it. But, now I think I should.

  • Simon

    Hi purchased this the 4k LG UB850V today just wondered if anybody could tell me how to do a firmware update as I can’t seem to find the option in the menu settings? Thanks