LG and Samsung Win Top Awards at 4K Resolution TVs Contest

4K Resolution TV

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While the most of the challengers were 4K LCD TVs, LG’s OLED was the best choice among the key voters. However, the calibrators’ choice was the Samsung OLED.

The LG turned out to be a winner in each category except for color precision and motion, both of which were won by the Samsung PN64F8500 that was also frontrunner at previous year’s 4k resolution TVs shootout. And of course, per inch of display the F8500 plasma TV is still very less expensive than all other nominees.

The 4K resolution TVs contest was organized over 2 nights and came with discussions by a number of market professionals. While OLED extract the decisive awards, the frontrunner among the 4K LCDs was the Sony XBR-85X950B that outshined Samsung UN109S9W that was the most physically striking TV in the contest. Samsung’s Mike Wood demonstrated it as the “esoterically wild substance” and further told that it required 6 individuals to put it into the store.

All the 4K resolution TVs at the contest were rated as per 6 criteria which includes black level, contrast ratio, color precision, motion resolution, day mode, and common video quality. All 4K TVs were evaluated by HDTV professionals.

There are several options among those 4k resolution TV sets that you can afford with ease.

  • Bilalaslam

    It was expected. No doubt that LG and Samsung are the biggest companies around the world when it comes to producing 4K resolution TVs. They are top priority of any customer who wants to buy 4K TV.