HP announces new 4K Envy 27-inch display for $499

HP unveiled a new Envy 27 display today that, an IPS panel that also supports 4K resolution. Envy 27 monitor is not a new series from HP as there are already Envy 27 monitors available that have 1080p resolution.

The new HP En 27 4K display features an IPS panel display screen and even though HP hasn’t released the full details about it, it looks like the monitor is going to have a refresh rate of 60 Hz. According to the press release, the Envy 27 display supports AMD FreeSync technology that reduces the imaging tearing and fps stutters while playing games. According to HP, the display has an sRGB color accuracy of 99% however the accuracy of any display is measured in Delta E where the display scoring lower score is considered battery.



Another great thing about the Envy 27 4K display is that it has great connectivity options. It’s got a DisplayPort, HDMI port and USB Type-C port which can also be used to charge your laptop or a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet that supports USB Type-C and require  up to 60 watts of power to charge.

The design of the new HP Envy 27 is another thing to talk about. The thin bezels around the screen and the chrome finishing on the display mount and the base gives it a premium look and feel. There are no real images of the display posted by HP so we cannot tell much about the actual display looks and whether there is a height adjustment option as well.

The 27 inch 4K Envy display will be up for sale on December 4, 2016 with a price tag of $499. If you are planning to buy a 4K monitor, just wait a few more weeks till this one comes out and gets good reviews because on paper, this looks like a great 4K monitor to have.