How to Watch 4K Movies on Your UHD 4K TV

Watch 4K Movies

Sony 4K UHD Media Player

Sony provides best way to watch 4K Movies or TV shows through its 4K Ultra HD Media Player. You can easily download huge data immediately to a 2TB hard drive that is attuned to only Sony TVs. Users can also buy latest content through Sony’s online service. 4K Movies usually cost nearly $30 to purchase and almost $8 to rent for a day. They are almost 40GB in size. TV shows can be bought at $4 per episode. Recently, you can access more than 100 4K Movies.

Samsung UHD Video Pack

Samsung is not offering a 4K/Ultra HD player so far. However, it has been delivering a USB hard drive with some 4K movies and it intends to offer something to boast Ultra HD setups. Samsung is also planning to launch a UHD video pack, which is a 1TB hard drive that will include huge 4K Movie content.

Panasonic 4K Channel

Panasonic is not offering any device for 4K movies as well; however it has introduced an online 4K channel that includes 4K Movies content. On the other hand, Red company is providing its own digital player that costs around $1.750. You can also watch 4K Movies from Odemax that is a leading service provider.