Hitachi 4K Roku TVs launching this week

Affordability and 4k smart TV’s don’t go hand in hand but same can’t be said about Hitachi. The company just announced that its days away from launching their new affordable line of 4k smart TV’s that will be available soon. The affordable 4k smart TV’s are known as Hitachi Roku and will come in 50, 55 and 65 inches of screen size.

As far as the prices are concerned the 50 inch model would be sold for $500 while the 55 inch and the 65 inch models would be sold for $600 and $1000 respectively. All of the Roku TV’s will have support for 4k resolution as well as some level of HDR, while a quad-core processor will be powering the TV. The three models that Hitachi is going to launch soon would be 50R8, 55R7 and 65R8 as mentioned above and would be running Hitachi’s OS.


Hitachi 4K Roku TV

Right now the market of 4K smart TV’s is mostly dominated by big companies like Sony, Samsung, LG and Vizio. In order to move people from FHD to UHD its time to offer affordable 4k smart TV’s and that is what Hitachi is trying to do, because streaming is shifting to 4k content.

We are still not sure about the HDR support on the Hitachi Roku 4k smart TV’s but even though if HDR was not present on the 4k smart TV’s it’s still not a bad option considering how cheap the Roku smart TV’s really are even when compared to some good quality FHD options out there from companies like Sony and Samsung.

The only competitor that we think Hitachi would be facing is a Chinese company known as Hisense which has also made its way to the American market where the Roku TV’s are going to be launch, but when it comes to reliability Hitachi is a much better option than Hisense.