HGC and Letv Collaborate to Offer UHD 4K TV Content Services

UHD 4K TV Content

© Letv

HGC has declared a joint venture accord between 3Home Broadband and Letv to introduce Hong Kong’s foremost bundled offer that includes 4K broadband along with the UHD 4K TV Content. Letv is a leading company in China providing television content services. As a result of this collaboration between 3Home Broadband and Letv, users will be able to grab a 4K package containing Letv’s latest 4K TVs S40 Air and X50 Air, movies, games and TV shows in ultra-high resolution as well as broadband service.

3Home Broadband is providing the Letv 50-inch 4K TV X50 Air, which comes with an InnoLux 4K screen, ultra-thin frame, a quad-core CPU and GPU, and H.265 hardware feature for streaming 4K media content. You will enjoy Letv-sourced UHD 4K TV Content like movies, TV shows, online games and much other entertainment content. 3Home Broadband can easily classify and prioritize Letv’s UHD 4K TV Content throughout broadcast. This UHD 4K TV Content is put in records hubs of Hutchison Global Communications (HGC) to cut the holdup in broadcast.

For those who are concerned about the 4K housing broadband service with 4K home UHD content, there is an option to preorder the service at the threebb website. This service can be availed on monthly basis beginning from HKD 309. Letv is likely to provide hundred sets of a short trial edition of the 4K TV X50 Air model at their Hong Kong’s website.

  • Bilalaslam

    It looks very beneficial. But what is the cost of the 4K package that is being offered? when the trial edition will be available? I am looking forward to it.