Everything You Need to Know About 4K Projectors

4K Projector

What are 4K Projectors?

4K projectors are equipped with latest 4k technology which implies that they usually come with a 4096 x 2160 resolution. These UHD projectors have over twice the pixels of 1080p projectors.

The display is amazingly more fluent and realistic, colors are purer, and frame rates better as compared to a number of HD TVs in the market.

You may have observed 4K in action with an awesome display that appears like one is watching it through a window.

Finding a 4K Projector

Finding the right 4K projector or the relevant 4K content is a quite tough task. Currently, the demand of 4K projector is quite low, but it is predicted that it will boost in next few years.  Only a few 4k projectors are available from some prime manufacturers so far.

Sony has recently launched a couple of 4K projectors such as Sony VPL VW1000ES. It’s very impressive product, but many enthusiast will not be able to buy it due to its high cost of $25,000.

A large number of 4K projectors are under production, according to various sources. It’s just a matter of time before it turns out to be extensively available and more reasonably priced technology.

4K Projector Q&A

Do 4K projectors need extra lumens as compared to other sort of projectors? This is common question asked by people. Lumens are calculated by the projector’s productivity and are not influenced by display resolution. If the XGA projector and 4K projector have the same amount of five thousand lumen, then they have same brightness.

Is 4K projector requires new HDMI cables? Answer is one doesn’t need to buy new HDMI cables, as all the recent HDMI cables are compatible with 4K content.