Discover Samsung’s Ultra HD 78-inch UN78S9B Flexible 4K TV

With its newest offering, it seems that Samsung is trying to lure those people who are not yet prepared to stop using their flat-screen TV.

Samsung has introduced Ultra HD 78-inch UN78S9B flexible 4K TV with advanced key features. There is no need to purchase either a curved screen or a flat one, as it’s the one of its own kind TV that can be both. All one has to do is to just press a button and it shifts itself from a bendy screen to flat one or vice versa.

It is not clear why Samsung introduced the 78-inch UN78S9B rather than the 85-inch model that was demonstrated at Consumer Electronic Show 2014. However, the new flexible 4K TV is still quite large sized. As per design specifications, the utmost curvature of the screen is 4200R. Samsung has declared that it is the most favorable curve for Ultra HD TV screens with outstanding viewing angles. It also includes great features like UHD dimming and a Crystal Black panel that enable users to modify contrast and diffusion.

Maybe the prime advantage of the flexible 4K TV is that it can be attuned to suit all viewing angles in a room. As far as cost is concerned, there are no details so far, but it’s safe to suppose that it won’t be low-priced.