DirecTV Users Can Now Watch Premier League Matches in 4K

DirecTV will now broadcast Premier League matches in 4K from this weekend. According to AT&T and NBC, the Premier League 4K broadcasting will start from this weekend. Manchester City vs Tottenham was the 1st match that was broadcast in 4K. Today’s Arsenal vs Burnley game (which Arsenal won in a dramatic way).

According to AT&T, DirecTV customers will able to watch Premier League games in 4K for the rest of the season provided that NBC Sports Group allows it. DirecTV users will get the same coverage as the regular HD ones but they will be able to watch the games in 4K resolution through DirecTV set-top box.

Dan York of AT&T said,

“Premier League action in the stunning detail and color of 4K UHD on DIRECTV will be a pitch perfect viewing experience, whether you’re a devoted or occasional fan of the game,”

If you are planning to watch the Premier League in 4K via DirecTV, make sure you have the Genie HD DVR model HR54 or later and a Genie mini as well.