DirecTV Select Plan Subscribers Can Now Watch 4K Content

DirecTV subscribers who are subscribed to company’s ‘Select’ plan can now access company’s 4K content offerings. Previously, the ‘Select’ plan subscribers were only limited to Full HD content. The plan currently has 145 channels but only 3 channels will show 4K content.

  1. Channel 104 will feature natural documentaries and other content from AUDIENCE in 4K.
  2. Chanel 105 is a Pay Per View movie channel where subscribers can watch movies in 4K.
  3. Channel 106 that shows selected MLB and NBA events live as well as Notre Dame football and some golf tournaments in UHD.

‘Select’ plan is priced at $50/month. This plan is considered one of the most affordable DirecTV plan that now offers 4K content. Subscribers of DirecTV who want to watch the UHD content should own a newer 4K TV model that supports HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. Besides, customers of DirecTV should own a Genie HD DVR┬ádevice to watch the 4K content.

If you are planning to upgrade your TV this Christmas and plan to watch New Year’s celebrations in 4K resolution, don’t forget to buy a 4K TV that has the above mentioned features.