DirecTV Aiming to Launch UHD 4K TV Content Services

The broadcaster is being prepared to provide 4K/Ultra-HD content at the end of 2014 as ‘on demand’ offerings, while complete 4K broadcasts are underway for the next couple of years, according to Mike White – CEO of DirecTV. In addition, he said that he is surely excited about [4K] and projects to do 4K VOD prior to the end of this year.

DirecTV is currently doing its best to secure some 4K TV Content, since one of its objectives is to get content that is undoubtedly beyond usual resolution. According to CEO Mike White, the company will most likely be able to stream live 4K content in a couple of years – maybe in early 2016. That fairly relies on the planned releases the company has of 2 latest satellites for the US market that is expected to escalate within the next 2 years. So, as DirecTV will be able to get those satellites fully operational, a huge amount of incremental power for the network will release. And that power will surely be utilized to stream 4K TV Content.

White, while addressing to researchers after DirecTV’s Q2 outcomes, further said that he projected DirecTV to be the foremost pay-TV operator in America to release 4K offerings, and that 4K is likely to have an influence on DirecTV’s profits by nearly 2018.