Demand for 4K UHD Smart TVs Rises in Second Quarter

There are several causes why 4K UHD Smart TVs are turning out to be more visible in our neighboring electronics market: Producers are shipping much more of them.

As per latest analysis from NPD DisplaySearch, big companies shipped more of the 4K UHD Smart TVs in the 2nd quarter of this year as compared to the previous year. During April to June this year, manufacturers shipped almost two million 4K TVs as compared to just one and half million sets in previous year.

In 2013, almost 80% of these 4K UHD Smart TVs were delivered in China. In the 2nd quarter of 2014, almost 60% of 4K TV consignments were delivered to China, with around 10% shipped to North America.

For your information, why 4K UHD Smart TVs are called 4K is the fact that their screens include almost 4,000 columns of pixels, while a typical HDTV set includes just 2,000. All in all, they come with four times the resolution of customary High Definition televisions.

According to several reports, costs of 4K UHD Smart TV sets have decreased currently such that at some sizes, you can buy them on same cost as high-end HDTV sets. Nevertheless, regardless of lower costs and more supply, 4K UHD TVs face a challenge, as there is low local 4K content to enjoy.