Darwish Holding Honored for Promoting Sony Bravia 4K TV

Sony Bravia 4K TV

© Sony

Darwish Holding, a multifaceted company involved in mass promotion and distribution in Middle East, has succeeded to get record sales of the latest Sony BRAVIA 4K TV sets. For this achievement, Sony rewarded Darwish with the “Exceptional Role in 4K TV Sales Award of the Year”. The award recognizes the success of Darwish, the special seller of Sony in Qatar, in boosting the sale of 4K TV.

Managing Director of Darwish Holding said that the award highlights our favorable status in increasing the electronics retail division of home and provincial markets, and enhances company’s worldwide status as a ground-breaking and devoted retailer.

He further said that the award marks of the self-assurance that the people have in company. Darwish is committed to keep building up the market sales through strong joint venture with Sony and get even more sales landmarks next year.

Darwish and Sony had publicized the sales of 3 latest series of the BRAVIA 4K LED TV a couple of month ago. The latest 3 series include five models which provide the improved options for the people while buying a 4K TV.

The latest 4K LED TV can be purchased from a number of openings that are situated in Doha and other Middle Eastern regions.