Cyber Monday Boosts 4K TV Sales in 2014

4K TV Sales

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Sales of Ultra HD TV sets have risen considerably this year as per the ‘Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report’, issued by DisplaySearch (a leading research firm and subsidiary of IHS). The incredible rise occurred as a result of fall in prices and increased market competition.

The global TV research report indicates that television shipments have been constantly rising year-over-year. Particularly 4K resolution TV sales have enhanced above 500% year-on-year in the third quarter this year with overall sales for 2014 reaching over six million units.

Although Ultra HD 4K TV model have been in the market for quite a few years, however the current growth depicts how the latest technology is eventually becoming popular in the challenging TV watching environment.

UHD television sales were highest in Northern United States while China and Countries of Western Europe occupied 2nd and 3rd places respectively. China makes up sixty percent of 4K TV sales in third quarter as local television makers (including LG and Hisense) are currently striving to compete with Samsung, who is in the first place. DisplaySearch anticipates that this competition will further reduce the prices.

In Northern United States, competition for TV market share has brought down the prices. The significant price cuts by leading manufacturers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday are evidence of to this sales growth in the TV industry.