Black Framed Samsung 4K TV Gets Funny Amazon Reviews

The giant-size Samsung 4K TV UN85S9 at Amazon is the recent prey of Internet trolls who have flooded it with funny reviews. In view of the enormous display’s ridiculously high cost, Amazon members have made their business to post a chain of funny reviews about the product.

The 85-inch Samsung 4K TV is available since one year at high cost of 40 thousand dollars, which makes it one of the most costly TVs. This means that one would have to squander almost a whole year’s income only to get pleasure from the lavishness of this TV.

Owing to such facts, Amazon users have started spamming the TV’s page to publish scornful comments criticizing its huge cost. There are nearly two thousand reviews and almost all of them are non-serious. Actually, some might be conceived absolutely amusing.

All jokes aside, this gigantic TV is certainly one of the first class TVs on the market. It comes with an exceptional screen aesthetic to make perfect streamlined concept design. It enables the users to use a wide range of voice commands or gestures, as well as a touch-based controller.

In addition, UN85S9 smart 4K TV scored pretty well at most of the platforms. At standard retail, it is available at $45,000.