Best 4K Media Players for UHD 4K TVs

4K Media Player

There is a big question in the minds of all 4K TV enthusiasts – how to gain access to 4k content? Well, for one, you can choose the 4K media players that you can hook up to your UHD 4K TV and watch 4K content. Now that 4K is getting mainstream and a lot of media players and 4K UHD TVs are being launched in the market, it is pretty easy to watch 4K stuff today than it was a year ago.

Picking The Best 4K Media Player

Market is full of all sorts of 4K Media Players. However, not all of them are worth the price. Following are few of the best 4K Media Players that we have shortlisted after reading reviews of 4K Media Players on different sites.

Sony Ultra HD 4K Media Players

Sony’s advanced 4K Media Players (FMP-X1 and FMP-X10) allow you to enjoy true 4k content on your ultra-widescreen 4K TV. The new 4k players let you grab nearly two hundred titles including 4k movies (e.g., The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and famous TV shows (e.g., Breaking Bad). They support Netflix streaming service and are compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

Nanotech’s Streaming 4K Media Player

Nanotech Entertainment has recently launched premier 4k streaming media player Nuvola NP-1 that has the capability to play UHD 4K Videos and Films. It features Android 4.4.2 OS with Quad Core Cortex A-15 processor. In addition, it is equipped with integrated Ethernet and 2×2 Wi-Fi enabling you to connect to any network and enjoy 4k videos or games in Ultra HD resolution.

Red’s 4K REDRAY Player

Red’s REDRAY® is another prime 4K Media Player that lets you enjoy unique home cinema experience. It delivers 4K content to your UHD screen utilizing internet based digital distribution system. It can play 4k, 3D and High-definition videos which can be stored on 1TB integrated hard drive.

Philips UHD 4K Media Player

TP Vision’s 4K Media Player (UHD 880) supports all latest Philips 4K TVs and is compatible with new HEVC video streaming standard (aka H.265). The latest 4K UHD Player comes with Android L OS providing access to a variety of apps and games. Moreover, it features Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB.