4K TV channel has been launched in the UK


4K TV channel

Now 4K UHD TVs offers a wide range of video streaming services such as Netflix, and YouTube, but it has not been declared whether or not TV channels will be broadcasted in the format beyond particular trials.

However, there is one 4K TV channel that is offering an UHD demo service in England and Ireland. SES has also been providing the demo 4K service in South Africa.

Nevertheless, you will be required to have a kit that can choose Astra satellite signals.

As per IPTV News, UHD TV with a default satellite tuner inside is required. It should also have an HEVC decoding capacity. A standard satellite dish catches the signal, which is quite resourceful.

You can easily access the 4K HD broadcast with help of the exact tools and the Astra satellite at 28.2 degrees east.

Good news is that the demo channel comes with 4K footage of sports and some other categories. It is made for dealers and installers to enjoy the advantages of UHD, but it can also be used by the users in the home to check out the potentials of their new TV before an official UK 4K service is introduced.