4K streaming on the upcoming iPhone 7

According to some new rumors, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 might support 4K video streaming. Now before we talk about it, let’s take a look at the leaked rumors and stuff about the new iPhone 7. Currently, there have been a lot of info revolving around over the internet about the new iPhone 7 that particularly mentions that the new iPhone 7 will feature better camera and more store. It might also feature a new processor with more cores and processing power.

However, recently, according to head of one of the Apple suppliers Broadcoam CEO Tan, there might be something else to look forward to in the upcoming iPhone 7. Tan didn’t specifically mentioned anything about this new feature but there have been some rumors going around that Apple might use a new Wi-Fi technology called WiGig or 802.11ad which is said to be alot faster than the current Wi-Fi technology.

Using this new technology could mean that Apple might be introducing some new stuff related to the smartphone’s connectivity. For instance, it can add support of 4K video streaming to its next iPhone 7, having a faster Wi-Fi technology means that players can quickly connect with other devices without much lag and some other stuff.

For those who don’t know much about this new WiGig technology, it has a data transfer rate of 7 gigabits per second which is its maximum speed. When we compare this to the already available Wi-Fi speed, that’s about 20 times more faster than the latter. The current standard used in Wi-Fi technoloy is ac which operates at about 60GHz but since it’s radio waves, they cannot travel farther. With the new ad standard, it is expected that the long range connectivity will also get better.