4K HDR Update Finally Arrives On 2015 NVIDIA Shield

NVIDIA Shield 2017 version already include the 4K HDR feature but the older model of 2015 NVIDIA Shield didn’t had it. However, a new update has arrived which will enable 2015 NVIDIA Shield owners to enjoy the benefits of 4K HDR streaming.

With 4K HDR, 2015 NVIDIA Shield owners can now watch 4K content from Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix etc. With the latest update, Google Play entertainment content can also be watched in 4K. The update also includes a new GeForce Now game streaming experience and a NVIDIA Games app that will help users to control all game-related functions from a single app.

There is another update in the works for the 2015 NVIDIA Shield console which will include features that will make NVIDIA Shield capable of doing much more than just a gaming console. The features rumored to be included the future update will include Google Assistant with which users can control smart home management devices through NVIDIA Shield. With the recent update and the list of items both NVIDIA and Google has in pipeline for the first generation NVIDIA Shield, it seems that both companies are appreciating the early adopters of the platform by providing them with the latest features so that they don’t feel outdated by the new 2017 NVIDIA Shield console.