2014 Flagship 4K TVs Compared – Which Should You Buy?

Flagship 4K TV

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Value Electronics organized its 10th yearly 4K TV Shootout assessment event to find out which manufacturer offers the flagship 4K TV for 2014. This event analyses and contrasts the most recent top TVs annually, with the best one laurelled as the “King of TV.”

This year’s contestants included 4K Ultra HD, plasma, LED, and OLED models as well as other flagship 4K TVs. Samsung’s latest UN105S9W 105″ Curved LED was presented for the first time. The main competitors were:

  • LG: EC9300 1080p Curved OLED
  • Samsung:  KN55S9C 1080p Curved OLED, HU9000 Curved 4K UHD LED, HU8550 4K UHD LED, F8500 plasma
  • Sony: X950B 4K UHD LED, X900B 4K UHD LED

LG’s 55EC9300 OLED turned out to be the winner in most of voting groups, but in average, Samsung’s F8500 plasma got the top score on the whole.

Samsung’s plasma, OLED, and LG OLED had very tough competition among them. Each provides unique video efficiency, but mainly in the categories of black level and contrast. It’s evident that all these flagship 4K TVs are loved by the people or voters. These models would make even the most astute HD TV fan contented for several years.

No matter how you analyze the ballots, the point is obvious that fans of flagship 4K TVs like self-emitting based displays.

  • Bilalaslam

    In this era of 4k technology, there are
    a huge number of options in market when you intend to purchase your dream TV.
    This 4k tv shootout is extremely helpful in choosing the right 4K ultra high
    definition TV. Thank you, Value Electronics!